Guide on How to Start Writing on a Wiki

Wiki has a simplified design that allows easy writing, editing, and save of your content. The writing process is simple. Their simple design provided minimal space for writing and editing work.

The wiki writing space is small and simple for creating and editing both images and documents. You can quickly read and navigate through the page with eases. You can see what is new on the page and find page history.

Image of Style Guide page

The wiki page, a well-designed wiki page, enables writers to use headings to organize the content into an easily searchable link. The writer can invite the reader to make contributions and edit information on the page.

There is no general guideline on how to write on the Wiki page. Neither does the page give an approach on how to proceed on the page. Wiki page does not resemble other pages like notebooks or weblogs. To use them, you must learn some additional skills. If you are new on the wiki or collaborating on a wiki, this article will help you start and grow your academic wiki creative writing skills.

The central location of one draft

Content on the wiki is developed with many had and kept growing over the years. It is therefore essential to compile related items at a central place. Creating associated drafts and postings on the developing drafts are all posted on the same page. What you are currently working on is the up-to-date item, and you can view it from your device. PageHistory helps you recover your drafts. Therefore, it implies that you can easily navigate in and out of the current and refactor without necessarily shuffling through versions.


WikiWord is essential because it is both a link to the page a title of the page. Once you create it on the wiki, you can cross-reference any page or link it to other pages.

Some wiki does not have a setup for using CamelCase WikiWords. They need others were such as double square brackets to indicate a WikiWord. Though there are good reasons for this, there are better reasons for designating CamelCase. If you are setting up a creative writing wiki, use CamelCase for keeping your Wikiword brief.

Document mode

The document mode is seemingly endpoint and more or less formal. If you need to develop on the document mode, make a drawing on the threaded mode. Make the arrangements, summaries, counterpoint ideas, read and edit the sentences for clarity and tone.

Collaborating on a wiki

wiki has a design to support collaborative activities. It helps the collaboration without directly engaging in the joint exercises. One or more users can initiate and manage interaction with the writers on the site. Document mode and the play mode come in to help manage the collaboration interactions activities among the writers.

How do you collaborate on this site? It is simple. You choose the leader for the age or projects, and other writers start from the ThreadMode. The leader sets goals and may begin a page with the note on top. Everyone involves in sketching the ideas, notes, and responses. You can communicate to each other on the page and phrase the thread mode in-first person.

After developing the direction and a mess of notes on the page, the leader can draft the ideas into DocumentMode. The activities include summarizing, concatenating, rephrasing, combining, and collating.


Refactoring is when other waters move to DocumentMode from the ThreadMode. In refractory writing, you can convert a 250-word proto-paragraph into a single sentence. You can even make it into a more straightforward, elegant clause than it can be with Threadmode freewriting.


Are you looking for the writing process wiki or creative writing wiki? The above content is enough to give you essential tips on how to add a document to wiki page. To get started on the wiki page, make use the freemium wiki services on the web. You can sign up freely and enjoy the services.