A Wiki Guide on How to Write My Research Paper

Regardless of the course you are pursuing, writing a research paper will be part of your assignment. It is an assignment that cuts across art and science course. Writing your research paper may be challenging if you have no straightforward guide on how to write a research paper fast. The whole process will be a breeze. When you have found the relevant topic and researched to get the information, writing becomes a breeze. Here is a simple scientific research paper wiki guide.

Choose your topic

The first step in writing is choosing a topic for a research paper. You need a good topic that has enough content and is relevant to your area of specialization. After you get your topic, you should refine it to get a clear direction for your study. Choosing a good case makes writing more manageable, and you can comfortably defend your work before the panel.

Find credible source for research paper

The academic research paper needs credible sources to make it valid. Your tutor will be keen on the sources you use to qualify or disqualify your paper. When you have your topic, assemble all the relevant study materials and collect the references you need. Check on the syllabus and get sources for all the relevant textbooks with information for your paper. You may also visit the online platform and get the contents, including the references for your work. Ensure you get information from credible sources.

Credible sources include scholarly articles, government publications, publications from reputable boards, among other scientific journals.

You will need to include a bibliography at the end of your research paper. You, therefore, need to make a list of all the sources and use the referencing style recommended by your lecturer.

Write your preliminary thesis draft

A preliminary thesis draft will present a brief statement that represents your argument. The thesis statement is the foundation of your entire research paper. It should provide the evidence for your paper augment. You should make it clear and brief for the reader to read and understand your full article at the glance of your first statement.

Writing your research paper draft

At this point, create an outline of your paper which will be a roadmap of your research writing. The paper outline will help you create a research paper rough draft which you will later edit into a clean copy. It should give steps on introduction, the body of research paper, and how to make a conclusion paragraph for a research paper.

Research paper wiki writing guide

According to research paper wiki guide, your essays should have three major parts—the introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

The introduction section presents your research paper thesis statement. You should begin with attention-grabbing information to attract the reader’s attention. There are two ways to make your introduction section. You can start by writing it first and continue with the flow of your content. Another approach is by writing it at the end of your paper after you have completed all the other sections. Whichever works best for you, but ensure your writing has the introduction section.

  • Body

The body of your research thesis is where you build your argument. Set the context onto which your idea flows down with the reader. Every stage should take after the previous section and flow in chronological order.

In your body, ensure you support all your argument with relevant examples. Use strong points in the body section to make your work more credible and informative. Writing solid points in your statement makes your teacher appreciate your research skills and the knowledge you have on the subject.

  • Concluding statement

Suppose you need to learn how to make a conclusion paragraph for a research paper. It is the most straightforward task in writing your essay. You give a summary of all you explained in your writing. At this stage, you don’t bring in new content or theme. You summarize the whole idea into a paragraph that wraps everything.


Do you need tips from wiki how to write a research paper? It is simple. From the guidelines, you can write and present a persuasive piece that attracts a good score.