Quick & Easy Tips to Begin Editing Wiki Pages

Wikipedia tends to represent general human knowledge. In as much as writing Wikipedia article has been done a lot, much human knowledge is still missing in Wikipedia. When one wrote a paper, your instructor was likely to be read on, but recently, writing for Wikipedia guide tends to be accessed by millions of people. It means that there is a lot that needs to be done as far as ending wiki pages is concerned. More is required, especially on wiki editing tips as writing for Wikipedia articles provided a lot of knowledge available for others to learn from.

The following are wiki editing tips that are meant to give a quick guide to editing a wiki:

Know how to write for Wikipedia

Editing wiki pages tutorial require a natural point of view. It is not like persuasive essays that need one to take sides. Writing for Wikipedia guide does not require original research, but instead, knowledge of what others have done is borrowed and used. Everything you do should be original, and therefore one should know how to cite a source when writing an article in Wikipedia.

Add images when writing for Wikipedia guide

Adding images to Wikipedia sometimes is problematic. When editing wiki pages tutorial, you will be required to add pictures for illustrations, and to achieve this, use wiki editing tools. The images you use should bear a free license to avoid copyright and plagiarism.

Revise focusing on feedback

A quick guide to editing wiki is that, before writing a Wikipedia article, you should first focus on the talk page of the very article. Every piece has thousands of people. You get wiki editing tips for you to make decisions on where to improve, make suggestions on how to use, for example, wiki editing tools, and cite a source when writing an article in Wikipedia. While utilizing this feedbacks, ensure that you are polite when responding to messages, and this will be of great importance, especially when you are writing or Wikipedia guide.

Pick a good topic and find trustworthy sources

When you are writing for Wikipedia guide, ensure that your topic is appropriate. It has reliable sources where you will support it, keeping in mind that you know how to cite a citation when writing an article in Wikipedia editing. It implies that you will have to find sources that resonate well with your topic.

Come up with the first draft

When writing for Wikipedia guide, ensure you come up with a good draft by finding the topic and the critical points, and the structure of the guide. A quick guide to editing a wiki involves a lead section summarizing the essential parts, including the main components and points. Adding images is also an important aspect that is used for illustrations. It is achieved through using wiki editing tools. Also, with the knowledge of how to cite a source when writing an article in Wikipedia editing, you should come up with a draft on how to do proper referencing to avoid plagiarism,

Your work should be lively

When editing wiki pages tutorial, your work should look livelier. One of the Wiki editing tips involves going to where the draft was written and make it look better. You should put what is required for the article to look good. Writing a Wikipedia article requires much attention, especially when you are making the document look better. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do your best to attract more people to your site.


A quick guide to editing involves knowing how to write for Wikipedia, proper citations, and wiki editing tools to add items such as images. Also, you should do an appropriate revision of feedback when writing for Wikipedia article to make a proper decision and good suggestions to improve on future articles. Reading this guide equips you with relevant information you need to make your editing task manageable and time saving. It enables you create a lively content that attracts reader’s attention get more views.